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The 9000 Advisers is a management consulting firm specializing in implementing new quality systems and maintaining and improving existing systems.

We are a team of independent consultants with offices located throughout the country.  All of us are either former business executives or managers with extensive quality system experience.  We represent decades of experience working with different types of quality systems in a wide range of industries and working environments.  There is a good possibility one of us is located near you and there is also a good possibility that person has access to an associate with experience in dealing with an organization just like yours.

We have our own unique approach for implementing quality systems which involves special methodology for determining the system requirements, implementing the physical and administrative changes, and formatting and organizing the documentation.  It's our way of making sure the systems we develop are effective and that nothing is left to chance.  It's also our way of making sure the implementation process itself is efficient.

When it comes to implementing quality systems we are prepared to do it all.  We can provide all the training needs, all the system documentation, all the database files needed for managing the system records, all the necessary surveys, and all the internal and supplier auditing requirements.  We conduct training seminars, provide employees with skills training, check to see if you qualify for a government grant, and arrange for a third party registrar.  

We also tailor our services to the needs of our clients.  The 9000 Adviser Implementation Program includes all the information and database files needed to implement a system on your own.  The Jumpstart Program is designed for small companies capable of installing their own system but need help getting started.   And our turnkey consulting services are designed for organizations that don't have the time or resources to do it on their own.

Most importantly, we are professionals who understand the complexities of running a business.  We work to your schedule, comply with your rules, an listen to your problems.  We understand our job is to make life easier for you and better for your business.  We also understand our job is not to create paperwork but rather to help you develop a sustainable system that substantially improves your organization.

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