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The 9000 Advisers Implementation Program

The 9000 Advisers Implementation Program is not a set of templates, rather it is an example of a completely functional and compliant system.  It's based on the requirements of a typical manufacturing operation and includes examples of all the elements required to make the system work, including a system manual, administrative instructions, operating instructions, forms, information management files, audit questions, audit reports, corrective and preventive action reports, and customer and employee surveys.  It also includes all the information needed to implement a system including a step-by-step implementation manual, gap analysis questionnaire, a compliance checklist, and two MS PowerPoint presentations: one for training internal auditors and the other for training employees on how to use the system.  Nothing is left out.

With minor modifications, several of the documents are interchangeable with any system, including yours.  These include most of the manual documents, many of the administrative instructions, many of the system forms, all of the audit questions, and all the database files.  Those instructions which are not interchangeable are still extremely valuable.  They may not fit your situation but they nevertheless let you know where instructions are needed and provide some ideas on how to develop them.  They are not something you find in a set of templates.

Most of our competitors sell either ISO documents (usually a set of templates) or file management programs, but not both.  The Advisers program contains both.  It is an entire system, including eleven different Adviser database files that accommodate all the ISO data collection requirements.  No programming is required. Just enter information and print reports.

The administrative instructions in the Adviser program are organized around the processes used to manage the company, not around the outline of the standard.  The processes form the chapters of the instruction manual and the instructions and accompanying forms make up the content of the chapters.  It makes the system easier to audit and manage, plus it makes sense.  It is, in effect, employing the "process approach" as recommended in section 0.2 of the standard.

All the instructions include a list of related ISO requirements, a list of dependent instructions, and a list of associated records.  It simplifies auditing, makes it easier to understand the interaction of the processes, and makes it easier to keep up with record keeping responsibilities.  Background information is sometime included to clarify the more complex instructions, and policies are used to simplify some of the instructions.  These are also features you won't find in templates.  The instructions are easy to read, easy to write, and easy to manage.  Most are just one or two pages long.  

Some of the instructions are for managing safety, inventory, and financial concerns, which are processes not covered by ISO requirements.  They serve to illustrate how a system can be expanded to include other management requirements, as explained in section 0.4 of the standard.

The 9000 Advisers Implementation Program includes instructions for dealing with every requirement in the standard.  There are no other programs as complete or easy to use.  And you have our guarantee that we will work with you to make sure the program works for you.


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