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Implementing Quality Systems

Virtually all industries and organizations can benefit from a quality system.  No one is too large, too small, or too diversified.  It doesn't matter of you're private or public, governmental or non-governmental, manufacturing or service, retail or wholesale, profit or non-profit.  Quality systems benefit hospitals, banks, and universities in the same way they benefit small machine shops and large automotive assembly operations.  There is a system for everyone and our job is to help you implement the one that works for you.  

We do this in a number of different ways:

Introductory Seminars and Gap Analysis Study:  The introductory seminar is the starting point.  It's best way to examine the system requirements, implementation requirements, and the implementation costs, all of which are subjects that warrant an in-depth discussion.  The seminars are also a good way of getting other people involved in the decision making process.

The Gap Analysis Study is a means of letting you know where you stand in relation to the ISO requirements before you commit to the implementation process. 

Do-it-Yourself Software:  Our 900 Advisers Implementation Program software is designed for companies and organizations with a limited budget but available resources.  It sells for under $1,000 and includes virtually everything needed to implement an ISO 9001 quality system.  The only expenses not included are the cost of purchasing a copy of the standard, the cost of training the lead auditor and the cost of the registrar.  It even includes ongoing consulting services.  It is by far the best and most inclusive software package available.  

For details see 

The 9000 Advisers Implementation Program.

Small Business Jumpstart Program: This is where we do some of the work and you do the rest.  We analyze your business and provide you with a Gap Analysis Report, the Quality Manual, the 9000 Advisers Implementation Software Program, and ongoing consulting services.  Your job is to complete the instructions and implement the necessary physical and administrative changes.

Full Service Turnkey Program:  Our turnkey implementation program is designed for organizations that don't have the time and resources to dedicate to the implementation process.  With the exception of writing the processing instructions and making the necessary physical changes, we do it all.  And if necessary, we'll even write the processing instructions.  

The program includes:

  • Conducting a Gap Analysis Study

  • Applying for Federal Assistance

  • Writing the Manual and Administrative Procedures

  • Developing the information systems

  • Creating corrective and preventive action processes

  • Training employees

  • Conducting audits

  • Selecting a registrar

Quality Systems

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