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Supporting and Improving Quality Systems

We can analyze existing systems and recommend ways to make them more efficient.  We can also conduct internal and supplier audits and plan and conduct customer and employee surveys.  Our selection of MS Access database files - programmed specifically for managing ISO quality system records - are excellent tools for managing the various ISO record keeping requirements.

Our quality system support services include:

ISO File Management Software: We offer eleven different MS Access database files each programmed to simplify a different record keeping requirement.  Refer to:

The 9000 Advisers MS Access db Files 


System Evaluations:  We can evaluate your system form top to bottom and front to back, provide recommendations, and help you implement improvements.

Internal Auditing:  We can provide spot audits or take over all your internal auditing responsibilities.  It's a way of freeing up employees to do what they do best, and it's also a way of making sure the audits are impartial and complete.

Supplier Auditing:  We can set up supplier self-audit programs or take over some or all of your supplier audit responsibilities.  Supplier audits are frequently planned around the supplier's schedules which may not necessarily coincide with yours, and they sometimes require skills many internal auditors don't have.

Customer Surveys:  We can plan, conduct, and analyze customer surveys.  This is one of those critical requirements that is neglected at the risk of loosing customers and missing valuable opportunities.

Employee Surveys:  We prepare and provide the questionnaire, your employees fill it in, enclose it in a sealed envelope, and send it back to us.  We analyze the results and report back to you.  You get the benefits of their comments and the employees have the security of anonymity.  It is not an ISO requirement, however if properly performed an employee survey is an excellent tool for identifying problems and opportunities.

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