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Quality System Training

The 9000 Advisers training courses are designed to help companies comply with the training requirements of ISO quality systems.  All courses are interactive and all instructional courses are certification programs that confirm compliance to specific quality system requirements.  

The courses are available onsite or online depending on the individual course.  All courses, including the online courses are available at corporate rate pricing.

Quality System Training - Six courses are available: three system overview courses, two internal ISO 9001 auditor training courses, and an ISO 9001 concept training course.  

The overview programs are all online programs designed to explain the fundamental concepts of different quality systems, including:

  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

  • OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System. 

The ISO 9001 internal auditor training courses are available either online or onsite.  Both approaches are certificate courses and both comply with the requirements of the standard.  The advantage of onsite training is it comes with a PowerPoint presentation file which can be used for training future auditors.  The advantage of the online course is cost and convenience. 

The ISO 9001 concept training course is an onsite presentation program designed to fulfill the obligation to educate all employees on the fundamental concepts of the ISO 9001 system.  It is usually conducted in group sessions and it also comes with a PowerPoint presentation file which can be used for training future employees. 

Leadership Training - Three different leadership courses are available, including:

  • Strategic Thinking and Business Planning

  • Executive Leadership

  • Leadership.  

All three are designed to meet specific leadership requirements based on business needs and the needs of the individual.  All are interactive certificate programs which have been developed and refined over a long period of time by the internationally known executive training group Resource Associates Corporation, RAC. 

Administrative and Management Training - The administrative and management training courses are also proven certificate programs developed RAC.  Like the leadership courses, these programs are also interactive participative courses.

The courses include:

  • Management 

  • Sales

  • Supervision

  • Customer Service

  • Time Management

Employee Skills Training - Choices include fourteen different self-paced online training courses designed to improve specific employee skills; including OSHA, safety, and  environmental courses, plus courses in specific industrial skills.  

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